What do you think of the new site?

As we start transitioning over to the new site, we as a board would like to hear your opinion on how you are liking the site.

Let us know if you have any question about how to view certain pages, if you would like to see anything added, removed or changed, and/or any other information you might think is relevant to the new site.

Also, stay tuned….
This year we will be trying out the new text messaging feature with the new site. Once coaches get established with the new site they will be able to send team wide text messages. This is a one season trial period and we will need to evaluate at the end of the season if this is a feature we would like to continue with. Your participation and feedback with this feature will be greatly appreciated.

To setup your account to start receiving text messages click on the Documents link locate in the top navigation menu and select the “Accepting_TXT_Messages” document under the Website Docs folder.

Everything looks good so far. Only prob I’ve ran into is how to enter stats. I’m guessing i just need added as a coach? let me know. Good job Doc keep it up!!!

I probably should have said something to the Coaches first. I need to add you as a admin to your page, so you can edit your stats, roster, individual team page, etc. Before I did that I have a few training docs that I wanted to get uploaded to the site first. Once I do that I will add you and all the other coaches to the admin pages.

For now, keep updating the stats on the old site and I will move them over to this site.

I should have those documents uploaded soon and hopefully before this weekend.

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